Nino Wrestles the World

5 May


Nino Wrestles the World

written and illustrated by Yuyi Morales

Yuyi Morales has written and illustrated a story about a boy (nino) who imagines himself to be an unstoppable wrestler. Wearing only his underwear and a mask over his head, Nino battles a mummy, an alien, a devil, and a stone head. No one can defeat Nino until… oh no! His sister’s nap time is over and Nino must do battle with them. His little sisters (las hermanitas) climb all over Nino tickling him. In the end Nino decides that if he can’t beat them, he should join them!

This is a lovely story of imagination and sibling relationships. It is written in a mix of english and spanish words, giving a true authentic flavor to the storytelling. It’s a great read aloud because there is so much page-turning action. And if you would like to hear it read aloud by the author herself, click on the youtube video below.

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