Granddad’s Fishing Buddy

10 Jun

1538575Granddad’s Fishing Buddy written by Mary Quigley and illustrated by Stephane Jorisch (2007)

Sara wakes up early and goes fishing with her granddad on the lake. She’s excited to meet his fishing buddy. Granddad seems to know all the fishermen on the lake. They greet each other quietly and continue fishing.  Sara starts to wonder who Granddad’s fishing buddy is since they don’t join any one of the fishermen they meet on the lake. Then Sara noticed ‘a shadow skimmed over the lake’. It was a beautiful heron who landed near the lily pads. The heron fished for his dinner and Granddad tells Sara to row toward the heron. They fish in the same area as the heron. When the heron moves to another part of the lake and catches more fish, Granddad tells Sara to follow him. Granddad, Sara, and the heron catch lots of fish that morning. When Sara and Graddad return to the pier, Sara asks when he will be going out with his fishing buddy again. Granddad winks and asks, “When are you coming back to the lake?”

Mary Quigley writes with the experience of a real fisherman. She tells the story quietly and with love. Her use of language transports the reader to the fishing boat on the lake. Even without the gorgeous illustrations, the reader can see ‘the sky was still blue-black and the stars shone like night-lights’ and feel ‘We pushed off the dock with a splash, sending ripples across the glassy lake. Steam lifted from the water like clouds.’ And if you’ve ever been fishing you’ll identify with this line,’Granddad reached into a bucket of dirt and pulled out a worm that coiled around as it swayed from his fingertips.’

Sephane Jorish paints the lake as if it’s a living thing. You can feel the water ripple and hear the splash of the paddle as it slices through the lake. But, more than that you can feel the love between a grandfather and his granddaughter. And that is the most precious emotion of the story.

I recommend this book whether you enjoy fishing or not. I’m sure you will identify with the quiet activity and the peaceful surroundings. And the loving relationship transcends the fishing experience.

4 Responses to “Granddad’s Fishing Buddy”

  1. Patricia Tilton June 11, 2014 at 8:06 PM #

    What a lovely quiet book. I tried writing a book about fishing, but never did anything with it. Not easy to do.


    • Juliana Lee June 12, 2014 at 8:09 AM #

      No, it’s not! I wrote a fishing story myself last year, I hope to work on it some more and maybe send it out.


  2. Prairie Garden Girl June 10, 2014 at 4:23 PM #

    Sounds like a sweet book about Sara and her Granddad. My husband and I enjoy our seven, unique grandkids. When they come for a visit on the Illinois prairie, they ask to go fishing with Pa Perry and Oma Sue. ~Suzy Leopold


    • Juliana Lee June 12, 2014 at 8:07 AM #

      Lucky Seven! We just got home from a fishing vacation in Wisconsin with our granddaughter. She loves to be out on the boat!


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