Ten Things I Love about You

14 Jul


Ten Things I Love About You written and illustrated by Daniel Kirk (2013)

Rabbit interrupts Pig’s work to tell him that he is making a list called Ten Things I Love About Pig. However, Rabbit only has one thing on the list… I love pig because he is very pink. He suggests that Pig make a list too. It’s obvious that Rabbit is bothering Pig. As Pig becomes more and more upset, Rabbit adds more and more things to his list. He turns all of Pig’s brush-offs into positives. So he ends up with a list that reads, I love Pig because he knows how to keep busy, he believes in me, he gives good compliments, etc. When he has almost finished his list, he finds out that Pig has been working on a list of his own. Pig’s list turns all of Rabbit’s interruptions into something positive as well. His list reads, I love Rabbit because he always drops by, he smiles so much, he gets so excited about things, etc. They each finish their lists with the same sentence, I love Pig/Rabbit because he’s my friend.

Daniel Kirk ‘s simple text and pictures, show readers what friendship is really all about. He turns minor, bothersome quirks into positive characteristics. His child-like characters are basically kind.

I love that the characters Pig and Rabbit, find the best in each other and aren’t afraid to express their feelings for each other. This is a valuable message for children and adults alike. Daniel Kirk’s book has moved into my top ten books about friendship!

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