Nugget and Fang

23 Jul


Nugget and Fang written by Tammi Sauer and illustrated by Michael Slack (2013)

Fang the shark and Nugget the minnow were best friends until Nugget went to school. That’s where he learned that sharks and minnows can’t be friends. Nugget showed Fang his science Food Chain test. Fang felt awful. He couldn’t help being toothy and he had to prove he wasn’t scary. He tried dressing up like a mermaid, that didn’t work. He tried inviting Nugget to dinner, that didn’t work either. He tried and tried until he was all out of ideas. Then one day the school of minnows got caught in a net, Fang used his scary sharp teeth to cut the net and free the minnows. The minnows finally accepted Fang, sharp scary teeth and all.

Tammi Sauer takes a funny look at an unlikely friendship. The friendship is contradictory to the laws of nature and the timing impeccable. Her use of language will delight readers young and old.

Michael Slack’s simple and bright illustrations bring life to the pages. The expressions on the faces of the shark and the minnows are priceless.

I love the conversational text between Fang and the minnows. These little asides amp up the humor. I especially love the ending, ‘And everyone was all smiles. Especially you-know-who.’

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