Two Speckled Eggs

25 Jul

18209401Two Speckled Eggs written and illustrated by Jennifer K. Mann (2014)

Ginger is having a birthday party. Her mother tells her that she either has to invite all the girls in her class or none. That means Ginger has to invite weird, smelly, spider-loving Lyla Browning. On the day of the party all the girls arrive wearing pretty dresses and bringing beautifully wrapped gifts, all except Lyla Browning… she wore a plain brown shirt and pants and her gift was in an old taped-up brown cardboard box. When the party started, Lyla Browning didn’t participate… she was watching a ladybug with her magnifying glass. However the other girls weren’t playing very nicely either and Ginger was starting to feel sorry she had invited them at all. No one seemed to like Ginger’s favorite silver-and-gold birthday cake, except Lyla Browning. And they all fought over Ginger’s new birthday presents, except Lyla Browning. Then Ginger opened the old brown cardboard box. Inside was a nest made of paper, tinsel, ribbon, and string. And in the nest were two speckled malted milk chocolate eggs. After all the other girls left the house, Ginger gave Lyla one of the eggs and they pretended to be birds eating the rest of the silver-and-gold cake until Lyla had to go home.

This is the first book that Jennifer K. Mann has both written and illustrated. And when you see it you’ll agree, it should not be her last! The story is heartfelt and sweet. And the illustrations are pure and simple. It’s a completely honest look at the dynamics of childhood friendships and relationships.

I loved sharing in Ginger’s transformation as a character. As a reader, you can feel Ginger’s emotional journey from embarrassed & annoyed, to angry & sad, and finally pleased & appreciative. But I think the magic in this story is in also feeling Lyla’s sense of being different, akward, and alone until she finally has a friend who likes her just the way she is.

2 Responses to “Two Speckled Eggs”

  1. Jennifer K Mann August 7, 2014 at 8:06 PM #

    Thank you so much for this really warm review! I am only sorry that it has taken me so long to see it! Summer camping took me away from my computer—but now, what a joy to find your kind words!


    • Juliana Lee August 8, 2014 at 7:43 AM #

      Hi! It’s nice for me too that you not only read it, but responded! It truly is a wonderful story and I hope many others pick up a copy and read. I think it would make a great class read aloud, so many times students have hurt feelings over not being invited to someone’s birthday party. Your words can certainly show them that friendship comes in many forms!


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