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Sleepyheads written by Sandra J. Howatt and illustrated by Joyce Wan (2014)

 All the sleepyheads have snuggled in for the night, each in their own little bed. One is in a nest, one is in a hole, one is in a cave. In the trees, lake, and barn all the sleepyheads are sound asleep. (Except the owl who slept all day!) Then with one more place to look for sleepyheads, the reader goes inside the house and finds one beside the fireplace and another in a dark space, but when we get to the bedroom someone is missing from his bed. Where is he? In his Mama’s arms!  Goodnight sleepyheads.

Sandra J. Howatt’s first picture book is soft and sweet and sleepy. The quiet movement from the woods, to the lake, to the barn, and then to the house is perfectly paced. Like a lullaby, this book is written in sleep-enducing rhyme and rhythm.

Joyce Wan adds the beautiful illustrations to the text. The pictures are also soft and sweet and sleepy. Starting with the crescent moon and stars in the dark sky, the reader is immediately transported into that pre-sleep state of consciousness which ends in Mama’s arms while fireflies light the dandelions.

What a perfect bedtime story! I love everything about it. The text and illustrations dance together in the evening music, lulling tired little eyes to close and sweet little heads to nod.

3 Responses to “Sleepyheads”

  1. writersideup September 4, 2014 at 10:22 AM #

    Julianna, I ADORE this book! When it was first released and saw it on the store shelf, I grabbed it for the title and gorgeous cover, not looking at who did it. When I sat in the cafe with my pile of books to catch up on, I realized Joyce did the illustrations! I hadn’t recognized that simply because her board books are flat colors with outlines instead of shading.

    Anyway, I bought it IMMEIDIATELY! It’s such an adorable story, SO perfectly illustrated and, to me, the absolute PERFECT bedtime book 🙂

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    • Juliana Lee September 4, 2014 at 10:23 AM #

      It’s no wonder! This one grabbed me right away too, can’t wait to share it with my granddaughter!


      • writersideup September 4, 2014 at 10:25 AM #

        Yes! I’ve already given it as a gift, and in a few years I’ll have a grandchild I’m looking forward to sharing this (and a zillion other books!) with, too 😀

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