Friends from the Heart

The Scarecrow


The Scarecrow

written by Beth Ferry

illustrated by The Fan Brothers

published by HarperCollins, 2019


Synopsis: Scarecrow is a fine sentry for the field. All the animals know to stay away. But this leaves Scarecrow lonely through the seasons. Then one day a baby crow falls to the ground with a broken wing and Scarecrow breaks his pole to bend down and pick it up. He tucks the baby crow under his shirt and keeps it warm and safe next to his straw heart. But when the baby crow’s wing heals and he is grown he flies away leaving Scarecrow alone again. Through another year Scarecrow guards the field and all the animals stay away. Until one day when the crow returns with another crow. Scarecrow welcomes them with open arms and they build their nest under Scarecrow’s shirt where he protects their eggs and baby birds next to his straw heart. Once the other animals see his tenderness, they all come to visit and Scarecrow is not lonely any more.


Five Stars for compassion, friendship, and beautiful illustrations. A must read for anyone with heart of gold or, in this case, straw.


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