It’s Fall Feast Day and Porcupine is super excited to make her famous cranberry pie. As she walks to the river to wash her cranberries, she finds out that none of her friends can make their specialities because they each lack one important ingredient, one that Porcupine has enough of to spare. So she invites each friend to go back to her house and help themselves to what they need. Squirrel, Bear, and Deer all reply with a warm ‘Thank You!’. Along the way, Porcupine drops cranberries and by the time she reaches the river, Porcupine sees that her bucket is almost empty. Now she can’t make her famous cranberry pie. But all is not lost because Porcupine’s friends all show up at her house with a little offering in exchange for the butter, sugar, and flour she had lent them. Now Porcupine can make a new pie, a festive friendship pie with cranberries, honey, nuts, and apples. And the best part is that you can make a festive friendship pie too following the recipe in the back of the book! 



Porcupine’s Pie

written by Laura Renauld

illustrated by Jennie Poh

published by Beaming Books, 2018




Five Shiny Bright Stars for this beautifully illustrated story of friendship, sharing and caring, and thankfulness!

Whip up a Festive Friendship Pie with your readers this fall!


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