Love At First Sight


Caveboy Crush


Caveboy Crush

written by Beth Ferry

illustrated by Joseph Kuefler

published by Harry N. Abrams, 2019


Boy meets Girl. Boy uses strength to impress Girl. Girl is unimpressed, but uses her own strength to get the Boy.

First Crush

Neander falls for Neanne.  He brings her flowers and shells. But when he crushes his gifts to impress her, she runs away. But when he brings her a huge chuck of ice and carves a sculpture for her instead of crushing it, she is won over… and she crushes it!



Five stars for a kid friendly rom-com! Love the witty double meaning of CRUSH, which even the youngest listeners will enjoy shouting out on cue, and the role reversal making Neeanne take the lead. No caveman dragging his woman by the hair in this love story!





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