Road Hog or Road Hero?


Trucker prides himself in being the biggest, strongest, and loudest vehicle on the road. The moped, cars, and pickup trucks gave him lots of leeway on the road. One day Trucker met his match in a bigger, stronger, louder Train. The other vehicles were awed by the mighty Train, but Trucker raged. He didn’t like being second best. He didn’t like being ignored by the smaller mopeds, cars, and pickups on the road. And when they all came to a mountain, the smaller vehicles whizzed past Trucker without a glance in his direction. As they zoomed downhill, Trucker sat at the crest and noticed that Train was going to come through the tunnel. Then he noticed something terrible… the safety gate was broken. If the smaller vehicles didn’t see Train coming they might be smashed! Trucker flew down the mountain at top speed, passing all the other aggravated vehicles. When he got to the bottom, he braked and blocked the railroad crossing just as Train came whooshing past. Trucker was a hero! Even Train whistled his thanks has he sped away. Everyone cheered and Trucker learned to share the road with his new friends.

Trucker and Train

Trucker and Train

written by Hannah Stark

illustrated by Bob Kolar

published by Clarion Books, 2019





Five Stars for bravery, heroism, and friendship!






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