A Bear’s Year

18197344A Bear’s Year written by Kathy Duval and illustrated by Gary Turley (2015)

After a long winter’s sleep, Mama Bear wakes up with her cubs in the spring. All year long, the cubs learn everything Mama Bear teaches them about survival in the woods. Then comes the next winter and they all go back to their cave for another winter’s hibernation.


Told in rhyme, this simple story takes little ones through the year in a bear’s life. Kiddies will love the sketchy drawings and bear activities.

Take a few minutes to look at the changing scenery for each season. Great discussion starters.

I love this button craft. You may have to prepare the background in advance for the youngest kids, but older kiddos will be able to handle the whole activity. Let the kids choose buttons which best represent the leaves of the tree for each season. ee392c103f1be236d3e123b83fc7ad75

Easy paper plate bear craft. Don’t forget to add the black lines to the bear’s furry body  like the ones in the story. 9370d5d42ff65787db48cb4da73415f2

Snack like a bear… nuts and berries! d1b292e3a2523ecef5647092036fb8a7

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