Agatha written and illustrated by Anna Pignataro (2015)

Agatha never quite fit in, even with her family. She had her mother pig’s ears and her father bear’s nose. So when she went to school, Agatha worked extra hard to make friends. Then one day her teacher told the class that each special in different ways like stars or snowflakes. Everyone started talking about how they were each special. But not, Agatha. She slipped away and hid so she wouldn’t have to talk. When her friends finally found her, they offered lots of way that Agatha was special. The one she liked the best, was that she was the best at being Agatha!


Agatha shows us how difficult it can be to be different, even when different is special. Sometimes kids don’t want to stand out for being different, they just want to fit in. Finding that balance between being different and being special can be hard for little ones to find. It’s kind of nice to have a friend like Agatha help you find your balance.

Pick out a new way to make a snowflake and show your uniqueness. bb872fc6fa715366ac9239f5854d4ac4 657678e590d906abc47d848ff9490e71 7de299ad5824b833270e82ef2fb9641e 5fc84946ee9c897db8fa2b043071e61a 4da119be9c0fe78b3e78b2543459437d

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