Alphabet Trains

23995448Alphabet Trains written by Samantha R. Vamos and illustrated by Ryan O’Rourke (2015)

ABC concept book with a one track mind! From Auto Train to the California Zephyr, this book is sure to be a hit for train buffs everywhere. In addition to the simple rhyming text for each letter of the alphabet, there is also additional information at the back of the book about each of the trains mentioned in the story.


Kids of all ages are fascinated by trains. From the tracks that block the roads to the daily subway rides, most people have encountered trains on a regular basis. And I can’t think of a single toy store or book store that I’ve been in recently that didn’t have a tabletop train set on display for the kiddos to play with while they were there.

Make your own ABC train with separate cars and have your little engineers line them up in alphabetical order.


Have fun with empty shoeboxes.

And for the cutest ever Little Engineer costume use a large cardboard box to make the train and attach a dollar store push light to the front. 1ed4115cd171c5b9e20e1e0fb4cb086b

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