… and Nick


…and Nick written by Emily Gore and Leonid Gore (2015)

Mick, Rick, Vick, and Nick were four identical looking mouse brothers. Only Nick was the one who often left behind his brothers in races to choose their favorite colored shirts, their favorite lunch, their bike rides, their bridge crossings, even their flower picking. Mick, Rick, and Vick always got first choice leaving Nick whatever was left over. When they all went to to meadow to pick flowers for Mama Mouse, his brothers got all the best ones leaving only a small green sprout for Nick. But as it turns out, that small green sprout bloomed into the most beautiful flower of all!


Sometimes our little ones feel too small to accomplish something big, like getting the best flower for Mama. Especially if your little one has older siblings, he/she is going to feel this more than others. But their contributions are no less important than those of the older sibs, it’s just harder to see.

Pick a few of these crafty flower art projects to do with your little one.

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Or have a little learning time. Watch how liquid moves up the stem of a flower to the petals. Use white flowers and colored water to observe the process and record the results. d08f2859d3024b6940bc9878c4d93e99

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