Bad Pirate


Bad Pirate written by Kari-Lynn Winters and illustrated by Dean Griffiths (2015)

Augusta Garrick was a bad pirate… because she was good natured. Her father, Captain Barnacle Garrick was a good pirate… because he was bad natured. Captain Barnacle did his best to teach Augusta the ways of a pirate. He taught her to be saucy, and bold, and selfish. So one night, after she had tucked extra blankets around the shivering pups, Augusta made her first attempt at being a good pirate… she took Scully’s peg leg and threw it overboard. But that night she couldn’t sleep. Then a storm blew in and Scully wasn’t able to climb the mast and repair the torn sail. The ship was taking on water and the terrified sea pups cried out to save themselves. Then Augusta took action. She climbed the mast herself, repaired the sails, and saved the ship. But most importantly, she taught her father and the rest of the pirates that being selfless was a good trait if you wanted to be a bad pirate!


ARRRGH! Whether you’re a good pirate or a bad pirate, you’re going to love sharing this book with your crew! With lively pirate language like poop deck, scuttle-butt, and scurvy your little pirates will be begging to hear it again and again! Then enjoy more pirate adventures with some of these ideas!

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