Bah! Said the Baby


Bah! Said the Baby written and illustrated by Jennifer Plecas (2015)

“Bah!” said the baby. The baby said, “Bah”! Everyone is excited and tries to find out what the baby wants. Is it his bottle, bunny, bear, blocks, book… no it’s none of those. “Bah-Bah!” said the baby. The baby said, “bye-bye”! Bye-bye baby! Can you say ‘hello’ baby?


Deciphering what your baby is trying to say is difficult at best and often down right frustrating. But while you’re talking, reading, and singing to your child, he/she is learning language and how to communicate with you and the outside world.

Many parents are teaching babies sign language to help them communicate before they can speak. This poster gives some of the most common signs. Soon after learning these, babies often start talking.
0ef1418d42a7fd699a4793c62e0df363Do you want your baby to speak two languages? Here are some tips for raising a bilingual child.


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