Beach House


Beach House written by Deanna Caswell and illustrated by Amy June Bates (2015)

Spend a day at the beach with the family. They arrive eager and anxious to jump in the water, but first they must take care of unloading the car and unpacking the suitcases. Finally, mom says it’s okay to run to the beach. They play in the sand and surf all day long. At the end of the day it’s time for baths and bed. Tomorrow’s only a sleep away.


I know the feeling of anxiousness, waiting to get to the beach, don’t you? I still feel it every time we go. As soon as the salt air hits my face I’m ready to dive in! That means we’ve got to be super organized so that unpacking is quick and easy. Separately pack your clothes and your beach gear. Have toiletries assembled together in one box and kitchen gear in another. Stock up on groceries on your way into town so everything is fresh and ready to put into the fridge and cupboards. Grab your bags and go!

Paint Seashells  7e3b8a608e21bf6837dcbdb3520c6bb7Draw or write with glue then sprinkle sand over it. Shake and let dry. 720651688facd8389393a538867f7034

Create a keepsake of your beach house using popsicle sticks or driftwood and little bits of whatever treasures you find. 289aa98922c8884f655025db0397033e

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