Bear and Bunny


Bear and Bunny written by Daniel Pinkwater and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand (2015)

Bear and Bunny are best friends. Of course Bear thinks Bunny is a small bear and Bunny thinks Bear is a big bunny. Still they love to do things together, especially wander, collect, and nap. One day Bunny suggest they get a pet. A pinecone does not seem like a good pet; neither does a caterpillar. Then Bear rescues a small green kitty who says ‘croak’ from a tree. They agree that Kitty would make a perfect pet and take him home for strawberries.


This story is delightfully told through text and illustrations. Bear and Bunny (and Kitty) have the perfect expressions for best friends who are sweet, curious, and just a tad naive. Little ones will absolutely adore Bear and Bunny (and Kitty).

Who says a pinecone wouldn’t make a perfect pet? Check out some of the cutest little  pinecone pets below and follow the link for many more.0d54e0a89ed3a06dcc7deee5abcc2e19

Pretty much with a set of goggly eyes, a bit of felt, and some pipe cleaners, you can create your own pinecone pet. pinecone-crafts-for-kids-to-make pinecone-crafts-and-art-projects fd7b1038e6d32c6243acfcdce173abe1 e6a14fe1f424e42476168c1e812ab758 a39b7d62951893c365ca26b6cb553bc7 995aaead7b5a3588cbc734a482f1f214 507e7f82f318f8578a25d1f10eb48ed6

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