Bear Counts


Bear Counts written by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Jane Chapman (2015)

Bear and Mouse have plenty of friends and things to count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Bear counts dragonflies, apples, clouds, stumps, lily pads, and so much more. Count along with Bear in this rhyming adventure.


The nice thing about this counting book is that it doesn’t count only one set of things for each number, but several different things. There are four fish, four geese, four turtles, and four frogs. And when you get to the final pages, there are many sets of things in the pond that your child can count too!

Great counting fun activities with added gross motor bonus benefits.

Pick up pom poms (or other small objects with tines and drop them into counting cups.


Count and string small beads onto pipe cleaners. 8d58ca735b864772c43b8167115b009f

Use a hole punch to make the matching number of holes on each labeled card. 05cedeaf6c43c7c3c9880e69248ff4c2

Add a strip of magnet tape to popcicle sticks to make magnetic counting sticks.d13e8326095e17c9a53db7fa785e2927Activity Number Cubes… Roll both and follow directions. (Jump 3 times. Turn around 6 times. etc.) 381d7bf467943f2a549db9e433fd3ed2

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