Ben Draws Trouble


Ben Draws Trouble written and illustrated by Matt Davies (2015)

Ben loved to draw. He drew monsters, sharks, dragons, even people. But not everyone liked his drawings. Luckily for him, his teacher Mr. Upright had a good appreciation for the arts. Mr. Upright asked Ben to help me with the sets for the school play. Then everyone agreed, Ben’s drawings were so much better twenty feet tall.


A fun story for an older fan of picture books. Just when you think you might be in trouble, you’re not! Although drawing caricatures of people you know might not be the best idea, drawing caricatures of famous people, total strangers, and imaginary people could be quite rewarding.  You might try your hand at some today!

This one is pretty cool. 3901618f0e8c760ea9f275a4e842b720

I’m no artist, but from what I’ve learned you first need to start with the basic head shape then add some exaggerated details. Here’s a quick how-to I found on Pinterest.

how-to-draw-caricatures-step-1_1_000000116069_5And when you’re done, you might try your hand at writing a story about that person!

Happy Drawing!

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