Bike On, Bear!


Bike On, Bear! written by Cynthea Liu and illustrated by Kristyna Litten (2015)

Bear was no ordinary bear. He was smart, flexible, and helpful. But Bear could not ride a bike, even with training wheels. His father tried to teach him. His friends tried to help him. He even got a how-to book from the library to teach him how to ride a bike. But it was useless. Bear just couldn’t do it. He even started to lose confidence in his other abilities. Then one day, just as Bear was about to give up, he heard a cry for help from the park. A kid had floated away with his balloon. Bear didn’t stop to think about it. He saw a bike parked nearby and he jumped on it. He calculated the distance and the wind speed, he balanced himself on the seat of the bike with one foot, and he reached up to grab the kid as he floated by. Bear was a hero! Yes, bear was no ordinary bear. He could do almost anything… except swim.


Yes, learning to ride a bike is a tricky thing. It takes lots of practice and a little patience. Learning other new things usually does too… learning to swim, play basketball, or even read. Encourage your little ones to learn new things without giving up. You’re their biggest cheerleader!


Many communities have bike safety classes for kids. Check with your local police or community center to find one near you. Even if you live in an area without bicycle classes, you can design your own. And just for fun make a biking license part of the adventure.


Once your child knows how to ride safely, it’s time for even more fun. Decorate bikes for a parade. Have a bike rodeo. Design a bicycle obstacle course. Make a personalized license plate. Find a local bike trail. Have a bicycle ‘car’ wash in the driveway. The possibilities are endless and all for fun!


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