Black and White Nighty-Night


Black and White Nighty-Night written and illustrated by Sarah Jones (2015)

Simple and Sweet. This board book for toddlers lets them see and hear little owlet say good-night to all the farmyard friends. Little owlet’s last stop is the baby’s window where the baby is sleeping soundly in his crib and farm animal mobile over his head.


Toddlers will enjoy identifying the farm animals by sight and giving their animal name and sound. By two or three, they will be able to ‘read’ the story to themselves, even though they will probably love reading it to you even more.

Liven up your barnyard games with a simple paper bag puppet. 350e6c6f7deda65a17ce15a95e337399

Play a sound identification game with your toddler. Make an animal sound and have him/her pretend to be the little owlet saying “Nighty-night cow.” or the appropriate animal name.

If you have a play farm set, play hide-and-seek with the toy animals. Once they have been found, your child can put them to bed in the barn.

At bedtime or naptime, have your little one pretend to be the owlet and say nighty-night to his favorite toys or stuffed animals. Hoo-Hoo!

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