Bunnies!!! written and illustrated by Kevan Atteberry (2015)

Monster is friendly. Monster is excited. But bunnies don’t know that. When Monster spots them on his walk through the woods, he is overjoyed! He shouts and runs after them.

“Bunnies! Bunnies! Bunnies!!!”

When the bunnies hide from him, Monster cannot find them. He is sad. He is lonely. But the bunnies peek at him from behind the trees and bushes where they are hiding. The bunnies creep up behind him and tap him on the back.


Monster loves playing with his new friends. And the bunnies are having fun too. Then… what do they see?



What a lively book to get preschoolers excited about reading! Find some bunnies for them to act out the story with. It’s easy to do, there’s only one word they need to know… bunnies!!!

Or try some of these fun crafty ideas…


Bunny Masks


Bunny Ears


Bunny Snacks


Eat like a bunny!

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