The Bear Ate Your Sandwich


The Bear Ate Your Sandwich written and illustrated by Julia Sarcone-Roach (2015)

 This adorable story is told by an unexpected narrator to explain exactly what happened to the sandwich. Apparently, as told by the narrator, a bear woke up in a forest and climbed in the back of a pick-up truck filled with berries. After eating his fill, he fell asleep. And the truck driver, not realizing there was a bear in the bed of his truck, drove over a bridge and into a city. The bear explored the new ‘forest’ and found a green park to play in. Then smelling a sandwich left unattended on the park bench, ate it but then was frightened away by a pack of dogs. The bear stowed away in the back of a boat and returned to his own forest. All of this is true, according to the little terrier who tells the story to the little girl whose sandwich is missing.


This story made me hungry as a bear! Is anyone else hungry for a sandwich now? I found so many scrumptious looking sandwiches it’s hard to choose just one. Good luck making your selections!


Bear Sandwiches


Sandwich Art


Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups


Apple Sandwiches

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