Cat and Bunny


Cat & Bunny written and illustrated by Mary Lundquist (2015)

Cat and Bunny were best friends since the day they were born. They did everything together, until one day when Quail asked to join them. Bunny said, ‘of course’ but Cat said nothing at all. Soon more and more children asked to play. Bunny welcomed everyone, Cat ran away. Cat made up a new game to play with a stray kitten. Then Giraffe asked to play. Cat said ‘of course’. Soon everyone came to play with Cat. And then Bunny came too. Cat and Bunny still played together everyday, and they played with new friends too.


Cat and Bunny learn to expand their friendship circle. It doesn’t mean they like each other less, now they like to play with each other and many others too.

Play games that encourage children to include everyone.


Learn a fun new game HERE.


Preschool Gross Motor Games

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