City Kitty Cat


City Kitty Cat written by Steve Webb and illustrated by Magali Le Huche (2015)

City Kitty was a happy taxi cab cat. He drove throughout the city taking passengers here and there. One day, some very unhappy passengers got into his cab. They had been visiting the city and had a great time, but they were homesick. City Kitty took them to the airport so they could return to the jungle. At the last minute, City Kitty decided he might like to travel too. So he left his cab at the airport and boarded with his new friends. They traveled halfway around the world. City Kitty was amazed by all the new sights. He spent a long time playing in the jungle with his new friends, but pretty soon he began to feel homesick too. His jungle friends took him back to the airport, where City Kitty boarded the next plane home. He promised to write and send postcards. Then City Kitty flew back home to his cab and went back to work driving passengers all around the city.



City Kitty and his friends learned that travel is fun, but there’s no place like home. Whether you live in the city, country, or anyplace in between, help your child appreciate their home. Take a walk around your neighborhood. What would you miss if you went away?



Put yourself in a taxi and take an imaginary trip!b0c930129fb2830cdb96190baa495b03

Find yourself on the map. 9d8bb98e884a6397c5d8ac585b013ed3

Play with map puzzles.060c3177c4cc36d8c7a79599daf72023 d49e119d54fce1f0cd0cf82cfe1e109e








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