Click! written and illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler (2015)

An unusual crane nightlight investigates the sounds of the night that keep his little boy awake. He follows the drip-drop to the bathroom faucet, the creak-creak to the rocking chair, and the flap-flap to the curtains in the open window. Then he pushes a stuffed animal into the bed so the boy can nuzzle himself to sleep. Until…. Riiiiiing! goes the alarm clock and the day is filled with sounds.


Onomatopoeia galore! Have fun with this one! Take a sound walk around the house or neighborhood. What sounds can your little one find and imitate? Drip. Rattle. Swish. Clunk. Fwump. Plink. Crunch. And the day with a smooch on the forehead and a click of the light switch. Good-night.

Here’s an easy to make Olaf nightlight that your kids would love to build for themselves… of course it doesn’t have to be Olaf, just make whatever suits your fancy. tape two styrofoam cups together. Cut off the bottom of one for your battery tea-light. Decorate. Voila! Instant night light. And if you’re lucky, your creation will traipse about at night shushing all the noises that keep you awake. d9038dcc1df11f8f3966912d5f7aa2e0

For daytime fun, make a set of sound containers. Cover your containers with wrapping paper or contact paper. You can number or letter the bottoms of the containers for easy match checks if you like. Fill two of the containers half full with the same thing (rice, pennies, salt, beads etc.) and seal shut. Fill two more with another item. Continue filling pairs of containers until you have as many as you want. Mix them up on the table and have your child shake each one until they find the matching pairs. Matching-sounds-as-part-of-five-senses-preschool-theme-Stay-At-home-Educator-1000x1000

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