Counting Crows


Counting Crows written by Kathi Appelt and illustrated by Rob Dunlavey (2015)

Not your typical counting book. Counting by threes we count the crows and their snacks until in the end, a cat counts them. Captivating illustrations draw the reader into the story and the verse keeps them counting along. Perfect picture book combination!


Counting by ones, counting by twos, counting by fives, counting by hundreds… easy peasy for most kids. Counting by threes is more challenging. Take a few minutes to sort items into groups of threes and count for fun. How high can you go before you have to stop and start all over again?

Counting crows is fun, but I prefer snacking crows. Here are three ice cream recipes based on the fruits the crows enjoyed. Hope you enjoy one today!

Mango Ice Cream


Plum Popsicles


Very Berry Ice Cream a6be7b267b0b43f744c5de1d794b203a

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