Crunch! by Caolina Rabei (2015)

Crunch is a guinea pig who has everything he needs…breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But he was still missing something. Then one day, a mouse named Cheddar shows up. Cheddar notices all of the food in Crunch’s cage and asks for a bite. Crunch refuses. He won’t even trade one bite for a hug. Later, Crunch regrets his decision. He worries that Cheddar might be hungry or in danger, so he goes out in search of him. He looks everywhere and sees the whole world, but can’t find Cheddar. Crunch goes back to his cage and finds Cheddar there eating the last bite of his food. Instead of getting angry, Crunch is relieved and gives him a big hug!


Sweet story of friendship and sharing. Is it possible to have more than enough and still be missing something important? Crunch finds out what’s missing in his life when a little mouse asks for food in exchange for friendship.

Is there something you could share… extra food, clothing, toys, books? Now would be a great time to make a donation box.

In honor of Cheddar the Mouse, let’s look at some yummy cheddar recipes.

Broccoli Cheddar Soup ee8d98806e10e559801e915439305dd0

Cheddar Bay Biscuits e2cfa6eee908a6f0fadc600e29d7c575

Cheddar Cheese Sauce  d0e7d74b824ec3f347b454660e5e3a92

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