A Dog Wearing Shoes


A Dog Wearing Shoes written and illustrated by Sangmi Ko (2015)

Mini and her mother find a dog wearing shoes in the middle of a crowded street. They pick him up and take him home. Mini loves the little dog and wants to keep him, but her mother reminds her that this little dog belongs to someone else. They take the dog for a walk in the park and Mini lets him off the leash to play fetch, but the dog runs away. Now, Mini knows how it feels to lose a dog. They go to the shelter and find the little dog and bring him back home. But instead of keeping him, Mini posts signs around the neighborhood about the found dog. Soon the little dog’s owner shows up and is so happy to get his dog back. Now Mini and her mother go back to the shelter to find a new dog, one that will belong to Mini for real.


Such a sweet story about dog adoption. You might be considering getting a new pet for your child. This would be a good story to share before you decide.

Here are a few pets you won’t mind bringing home. 155f8b4a38b70075176d0e9ed1a82b0b b1fc8cf423de5729f20e8ad3005ccb9c 8e036e76f4d6ac3b7cc21e05c3eb84f7 ff1b7a40f35e3816fffe313738f71cf0 f5c08a7aef16558a23ae93fad82c042e

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