Daddy’s Back-to-School Shopping Adventure


Daddy’s Back-to-School Shopping Adventure written by Alan Lawrence Sitomer and illustrated by Abby Carter (2015)

Daddy has only one back-to-school shopping rule: Buy only what’s on the list. Jenny and Jake are doing their best to convince Daddy to buy non-list items, but Daddy keeps repeating his one rule. Until… Daddy finds a school bus lunchbox just like the one he had when he was a kid. He really, really, really wants to buy it but the kids remind him of his one and only rule. He bribes them with a cart full of special non-list items, but Mom vetoes the agreement. While Daddy goes to return everything to the shelves, the kids convince Mom to buy Daddy’s nostalgic lunchbox as a surprise.


Pencils, erasers, folders, notebooks, crayons, scissors, glue… just the basics please. But what about the glitter glue, feather pens, two-tone crayons, super-hero notebooks and folders, and fancy shaped erasers? Sometimes it’s hard to stick to the basics. But lunch boxes? Of course, they’re made for fun as well as function!

Oh Yum!



Enjoy preparing some healthy and creative lunches this year for yourself and the kiddos.

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