Dad’s Favorite Cookie


Dad’s Favorite Cookie written by Gu-mi Jeong and illustrated by Soon-kyo Joo (2015)

This story is told through a series of short non-rhyming poems. A young girl talks about her father and her favorite things. Almost all of her favorite things include her father. So when she goes to a shrine, she promises to be a good girl if her father will come home early… and he does! In the end we learn it is her birthday and the family gets together for a family photo to celebrate. Through the poems and the side notes, the reader also learns about Japanese culture and traditions.


Take a few minutes to learn more about Japanese culture with this simple picture book. The text and illustrations work together to give readers an insight into the little girl’s life and the typical lives of many Japanese people.

Then take a few more minutes to find out what your dad’s favorite cookie is and whip up a batch. If you’re lucky, he might come home early to share them with you!

I couldn’t find a recipe of dad’s favorite cookie, but I did find one of the girl’s favorite cookie, strawberry mochi. It looks delicious! 11060735_f260

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