Dad’s First Day


Dad’s first Day written and illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka (2015)

Dad and Oliver spend the whole summer together. They play, laugh, sing, and read together. Dad helped Oliver get ready for his first day of school. But when the time came to leave for school, Dad wasn’t ready to let go. His tummy hurt. He tried hiding, but Oliver found him and dragged him to the car. At school, Dad’s tummy really hurt. He had such a hard time saying goodbye to Oliver that Oliver’s teacher had to carry Dad out of the building. At home, Dad missed Oliver. His tummy really, really hurt. When he couldn’t take it any longer, Dad rushed back to school. But when he got there he peeked in the door and found Oliver playing, laughing, singing, and reading. Finally, Dad was ready for Oliver to go to school. After school, Dad and Oliver celebrated until both their tummies hurt.



New clothes, new backpack, new lunchbox… getting ready for school to begin can be an exciting time for kids and parents. Make the most of it for your little ones. (And try not to cry when you drop them off on the first day.)


Grab your camera and record this important milestone with a little creative twist.

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