Daredevil Duck


Daredevil Duck written and illustrated by Charlie Alder (2015)

Daredevil Duck is a brave superhero (sort of). He is afraid of dark things, fluttery things, wet things, and high things. Sometimes the other ducks tease him. One day Daredevil Duck was frightened by a mole that jumped out of the grass to say hello. Daredevil Duck raced around the neighborhood on his squeaky tricycle past dark things, fluttery things, wet things, and even high things. And he ended up where he began. Mole convinced him that he was brave and asked him to rescue his balloon from a tree. Daredevil Duck was afraid, but Mole reminded him of his scary trip through the neighborhood. So Daredevil Duck climbed the tall tree and rescued Mole’s balloon. Now whenever the other ducks tease him, Daredevil Duck reminds them of the very brave thing he did that day.


This book has wonderful flaps and hidden pictures for kids to enjoy while reading the story. By the end of the story they are cheering for Daredevil Duck to succeed… and he does!

What kind of powers does your child possess? Take a fear and turn it around! Help your child become a superhero too!

Every Super Hero needs some special equipment.





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