Dear Yeti


Dear Yeti written and illustrated by James Kwan (2015)

Two hikers set out to find Yeti. They start by sending him a series of letters delivered by a little bluebird. Yeti knows they are looking for him, but he doesn’t want to be found so he hides from the hikers. But when the hikers get into trouble, Yeti helps them without them realizing it. He leaves berries for them to eat when they are hungry and he builds them a snow fort to keep warm when they are cold. And when they are lost, he protects them from a grizzly bear and guides them home again.


The story is told through the letters and illustrations. Kids will enjoy reading the letters and watching to see how the Yeti helps the hikers.

It would be fun to write your own letters to Yeti. What would you say? How do you think Yeti might help you in the woods?

Unlike the abominable snowman, this yeti is brown not white. He looks a bit like Sasquatch. Make your own Yeti with a little paper, paint, and goggly eyes.craft-133

Use a gingerbread man cookie cutout and a tube of brown frosting to make your own Yeti cookies. 795a059f1310810a7056029026dbcaed

And you may not find a Yeti, but have some fun on a scavenger hunt in the woods or your own backyard.fa80b8c95d9ca997b5749e3e8381d1c3

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