Dewey Bob


Dewey Bob written and illustrated by Judy Schachner (2015)

Dewey Bob is a little raccoon who was born in a pair of pants. When he got too big for his britches, his mama sent him and his many collections on his way. He almost moved into another pair of pants until he found the perfect tree. All he had to do was clean it up a bit. Dewey Bob had many collections but his favorite was his button collection. Every time he found something new to add to one of his collections he washed up clean and shiny like a good raccoon would, and add it to one of his jars. Dewey Bob had lots of collections, but the one thing he was missing was a friend. So he went out one morning and started collecting friends. But none of the animals he collected stayed. Only one didn’t run away, Dewey Bob called him Mudball because he was so dirty. After Dewey Bob cleaned him up, he saw why he hadn’t run away… he couldn’t. So Dewey Bob used two big buttons and made Mudball a walking cart. Now Dewey Bob has the one thing he really needed, a friend.


Dewey Bob may inspire your little ones to start a collection of their own. Brainstorm some ideas and start a collection of your own.

And for some ideas for your button collections try one of these.

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