Duncan the Story Dragon


Duncan the Story Dragon written and illustrated by Amanda Driscoll (2015)

Duncan the dragon loves to read. The only problem is that whenever Duncan gets excited he can’t control his fire. And so, Duncan never gets the chance to finish a book before it bursts into flames. Duncan decides to ask someone else to read to him, but all the other animals are afraid of Duncan… all except Mouse. Mouse loves to read and he is happy to share his love of books with Duncan.


Dragon and Mouse love to read. Doesn’t your little one too? They are going to love reading with Dragon and Mouse. Be sure to visit your local library or bookstore. Pick out a huge stack of books and take them home to read with your little one.

Don’t forget the marshmallows and hot dogs!

D is for dragon. M is for mouse. Alphabet Recognition



Fire Breathing Dragon and Friendly Little Mouse



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