Elwood Bigfoot Wanted: Birdie Friends!


Elwood Bigfoot Wanted: Birdie Friends! written by Jill Esbaum and illustrated by Nate Wragg (2015)

Elwood did everything alone. Not because he wanted to be, but he did love to see the birdies on his daily walks. Then Elwood decided to move into a tree to be closer to the birdies. He tried acting like a birdie. He even tried to have a party for the birdies. But none of his attempts were successful at making friends with the birdies until Elwood realized that the birdies were afraid of his stomping, dancing, and hollering. So he sat quietly and the birdies came to him. And now, Elwood had birdie friends to sing with him, share berries with him, and sleep under the stars with him!


Awwww, what a sweet story!  Elwood finally found the best way to make friends with the birdies. Little Ones will identify with the experience of learning how to make friends and maybe even a Bigfoot!

And if you can’t find one… be one!


How to Make Friends with Birdies:  fdc4d0668caae93abffb123f52fac7c8 40d6d60ca44b25dbd12a638477d08e6a


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