Everybody Sleeps (But Not Fred)


Everybody Sleeps (But Not Fred) written and illustrated by Josh Schneider (2015)

Rhyming text explores all the animals in the jungle, ocean, and underground that are asleep while Fred remains awake jumping on the bed, practicing his shouts, and blowing his horns. As a last resort the parents read poetry to get Fred to sleep. So close the book slowly so as not to wake Fred and have to read it all over again!


Yes, it’s adorable. Yes, Fred is lively. But no, please don’t resort to poetry because it’s ‘boring’. Find some lovely lyrical words to help your little one go to sleep.

Ironically, this book is written in…yawn…rhyme. Goodnight!

Rhyming books are so much fun for the picture book readers. And playing rhyming games are fun for all ages.

Rhyming Legos are lots of fun. Use a sharpie marker to write the words and when you’re done a little fingernail polish remover should wipe those words right off!


Have a few dozen plastic eggs lying about? Make some word families (rhymes) for emergent readers.


Move and Rhyme

Jumprope chants are great places to rhyme and come up with new verses. b418a6e27796c7b0f9484a0894d90719

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