Farewell Floppy


Farewell Floppy written and illustrated by Benjamin Choud (2015)

This story was first published in France in 2010. This is its first publication in the United States. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first read it. The title and cover art made me think this was a book about loss due to death. Then I realized it’s not about death, it’s about abandonment. The little boy in the story thinks he’s too old for a floppy eared bunny and plans to take him into the woods and leave him there. Instead, the bunny is found by a girl and her dog. The boy, having a change of heart, rushes back and can’t find Floppy where he left him. Following a trail of red yarn, the boy discovers a cottage in the woods. There he finds Floppy with the little girl and her dog. They are sitting around a small table having tea. They invite him to join them. The girl tells him that Floppy is the first animal she has rescued in the woods and would like to go out again the next day and look for more abandoned animals. She asks the boy if he would like to save animals with her. He agrees and happily returns home with his floppy eared bunny and a plan to rescue abandoned animals in the woods the next day.


I love this little book and I’m so happy that it has been published in English so we can enjoy it too!

We don’t often think about what might happen to some of the pets that children outgrow. I love that this little boy decided to keep his bunny and work to save other animals.

How can you help rescue abandoned pets? Call your local SCPA chapter to find out what they need. Your child can do small chores around the house to earn money for the SPCA. Or you can donate food, toys, and bedding to shelters. Any small act of kindness will be invaluable in teaching your child kindness and generosity.

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