Felix Stands Tall


Felix Stands Tall written and illustrated by Rosemary Wells (2015)

Felix suddenly becomes Fiona’s best friend. He didn’t know that would mean being in the Pixie Dance with her! Felix got his costume and practiced his steps. On the night of the talent show, Felix and Fiona won first place… and that’s when the trouble began. Minkie, Bucky, and Dimples teased Felix calling him Twinkle Toes and Pixie Pants.  Fiona showed Felix her magic protection suit of armor and taught him how to stand tall. The next day Felix had to stand tall against the bullies and then again to Fiona when she suggested they be matching cupcakes for Halloween. Felix suggested they be dragons instead.



Standing tall against bullies isn’t easy. Sometimes a magic suit of armor is just the thing to give a child confidence in himself or herself.

What other tricks could someone use to build confidence?


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