Finders Keepers


Finders Keepers written and illustrated by Keiko Kasza (2015)

When Squirrel finds an acorn, he shouts ‘finders keepers’ and plants it until later. He leaves his red hat to mark the place where he planted the acorn. But when the wind blows by, the red hat is lifted up into a tree where a little bird declares ‘finders keepers’ and used it as a nest. Then the hat falls into a stream where an ant uses it as a boat, ‘finders keepers’ after all. It’s not a boat for long, because a large bear spots it and uses it as a clown nose for himself… ‘finders keepers’ and all that. But when the bear sneezes, the hat is blown right back where Squirrel had planted his acorn. So when squirrel returns the next day he finds his acorn easily and munches it up. As he’s leaving a snake slithers up to the acorn cap, ‘finders keepers’ he hisses as he wears the acorn cap as a hat.


‘Finders Keepers’ is such a common childhood phrase, but I wonder how many children would be happy about losing one of their prized possessions to someone else who declared ‘finders keepers’? This is a great little story to start a conversation about personal vs public property.

A quick trip around the block or at the park may score you a lot of acorns too. (public property) If not, at least you can do the handprint painting craft.


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