Finding Winnie


Finding Winnie written by Lindsay Mattcik and illustrated by Sophie Blackall (2015)

A bedtime story told by the great-granddaughter of Harry Colebourn, the veterinarian who bought a little bear cub for $20 on his way to Europe from Winnipeg, Canada. He named her Winnie to remind the soldiers in his unit of their hometown. Winnie traveled with the men and learned some tricks. But when they reached London, Harry decided that he should leave Winnie in a zoo because it would be too dangerous to take a little bear cub to war. The second part of the story is about a little boy named Christopher Robin who met Winnie at the zoo. When he got home, he named his teddy bear Winnie -the-Pooh and they had many adventures together. Christopher Robin’s father wrote books about some of these adventures.


What fun to learn another story about the real Winnie-the-Pooh! I think this story crosses the generations because we all grew up with Winnie-the-Pooh and shared the love we had for the ‘silly old bear’ with our children and grandchildren. Now we all get another chance to relive our childhood while reading another story about one of  the world’s most famous bears.

Have fun reading the story about how this little bear…

became this little bear.


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