First Grade Dropout


First Grade Dropout written by Audrey Vernick and illustrated by Matthew Cordell (2015)

The boy in this story must drop out of school in the first grade. He did the unthinkable. In front of his whole class. He called his teacher, ‘Mommy’! Of course everyone laughed. It was like a marching band of laughter. He thinks of a few alternative plans, but dropping out seems to be the best solution. Then when his best friend makes a blunder, he finds it hard not to laugh himself. Luckily, Tyler laughs at himself and both boys agree to stick it out together.


Love, Love, Love this book!

#1. I was a first grade teacher for a long time. (And, yes it happens every year!)

#2 One of his plans was to pretend to be from Cincinnati. (Guess who else is from Cincinnati.)

#3 He learns to laugh at his own mistakes and not be so hard on himself. (Awesome back door lesson.)

If you have a child entering first grade (or any grade for that matter), get your thinking caps on and whip up a simple but creative gift for your teacher. >>>Just be sure to write her name on the card correctly.

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