First Snow


First Snow written and illustrated by Peter McCarty (2015)

Pedro traveled from far away to visit his cousins Sancho, Bella, Lola, Ava, and Maria. On his first night, it starts to snow and Pedro is afraid he will not like it because he doesn’t like the cold. The next morning, all his cousins and their friends go outside to play. Pedro is too afraid to make snow angels, or catch snowflakes on his tongue, or slide down the big hill because it might be too cold for him. It’s not until he hits a bump and flies off his sled and into the snowbank that Pedro really feels the snow that cushions his fall. Now, Pedro feels differently about the snow!

Peter McCarty captured the simple joys and fears of snow in this beautiful picture book. I have to wonder if Pedro is Peter’s alter ego? Whether you enjoy the snow or have never experienced it, this picture book is sure to make you wish you could play in the snow one more time.


Who wouldn’t love snow ice-cream?

Whip up a batch with this easy 5-minute recipe.

Find it on Ali’s blog GIMMESOMEOVEN.


Is it cold enough to freeze bubbles?

Try this experiment to find out.

Read Tammy’s blog for more information.



Here’s another way to blow those bubbles in the freezing air.


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