Frankenstink! Garbage Gone Bad


Frankenstink! Garbage Gone Bad written and illustrated by Ron Lightburn (2015)

THIS is what happens when you don’t clean your room! Sometime in the middle of the night, all the trash you left on the floor will collect into a mass of sticky stinky garbage and raid your refrigerator, garbage cans, and local dump until it finally explodes covering the town with the most awful mess and smell you can imagine.



Anyone here old enough to remember Garbage Pail Kids? My kids loved them! Disgusting, Obnoxious, Repulsive trading cards with pictures of kids covered in goo, slime, brains, and snot. Yep! Those kids’ kids today will LOVE this book!

Make clean-up fun for your little Frankenstinks with decorative trash cans.

Play a garbage toss game.


Or enjoy some ‘garbage‘ cookies… everything left in the cupboard.



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