Friendshape written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld (2015)

Sweet, very simple story about friends. Even though they are different, they still know how to have fun together. And sometimes they even quarrel and disagree. But in the end they love one another.


Super book for preschoolers learning their shapes and for kindergarteners who already know their shapes but will enjoy the humor of the word play throughout the story. Little ones will delight in pointing out the four shapes on every page (with an added friend on one page) while the older reader will be amused by the language used and the artwork formed by the shapes.

It’s time to break out those cut shapes, shape blocks, magnets, or any other shapes you have to construct your own pictures.¬†adc98c2536869d8036b55e3ff05ec05d 23ab8000416f42986ba5c763ace17a54 508f7b4a18ee73c762c938267bef2ab5 e346acaff14ab3416d6f99a2d74cf506 ff1e0a2a38b21ec4aa1d33d1b7d15e3a

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