The Fly


The Fly written and illustrated by Petr Horacek (2015)

No one wants a fly around. People try to hit him with a swatter, the cows swat him with their tails, and both the frog and the bird tried to eat him. The fly swatter in the book flaps as the pages are turned. And in the end even the reader closes the cover and squashes the fly.


Kids will have fun swatting real or imaginary flies with plastic fly swatters. You can make the fun entertaining or educational by introducing your child to some of these activities.


Keep a balloon from hitting the ground. 7385c1e47eb48a993f993d1e7f6ee7e2

Flyswatter Badmintona3a5cd35f062a74462d1e4450ee7d531

Flyswatter Hockey91ed55b09850b79332cacc2ab587c544

Flyswatter Bubble Wand   4899f0352d64611fab6384a71be5eece

Teachers often use flyswatters to get kids learning interactively. Make cards or use objects for whatever you want to review: letters, numbers, shapes, colors, sight words, vocabulary words etc. A lot of the ones featured below are on charts, but I think it would be more challenging and easier to store of the objects were on separate cards so that they could be changed often, placed randomly on the floor, and put away in a ziplock bag or pencil box.

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