The Flying Hand of Marco B.



The Flying Hand of Marco B. written by Richard Leiter and illustrated by Shahar Kober (2015)

Marco finds the joy of flying his hand out the window of the car even though his mother keeps telling him to get his hand back in the car. But the urge is too strong to resist. Suddenly Marco finds himself being sucked out of the car and flying over his town and eventually through the clouds, into outer space. Just as he approaches the moon, Marco gets scared and calls out for his mommy. He curls himself up into a little ball and finally starts to fall back to Earth. He returns the way he came and ends up back in his car. He realizes that no one even knew he had gone and promises himself that he’ll never do that again… but the truth is, he loves to fly!


Ah, hands are such wonderful things. Marco learned that his hand could fly. What can your child do with his/her hand? Have fun talking about all the possibilities.

This piece of artwork will take some time and extra work, but it’s so worth it! Begin by having your child fingerprint an evening sky (great use of hands). Then take a picture of him/her flying into the sky. When the paint is dry, cut the body out of the photo and glue it onto the painting. Have your child add a paper moon and stars to finish the scene. This one has a ladder which of course you can eliminate from your masterpiece.cf0fe8cb9648c7e9da7de12f7cb418a1

Make handprint canvas art with your little ones. Begin with the largest handprint and let it dry completely before adding the next print. Color coordinate any room in your house!815ccd979629980b1929acca253bd231

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