The Fun Book of Scary Stuff


The Fun Book of Scary Stuff written by Emily Jenkins and illustrated by Hyewon Yum (2015)

A boy has a conversation with his dog about his fears. The dog downplays each one of the boy’s fears with his own doggie logic and humor. But when the boy gets to the part about being afraid of the dark, his dog agrees. So they go into the dark closet together and the dog realizes that it really is scary and he can’t talk his way out of it. But it’s the boy who turns on the light and dispels their fears. Instead of being afraid, the boy is brave.


This is a funny look at the real or imaginary things kids might be afraid of… ghosts, monsters, witches, trolls, or even the dark. Readers get the chance to face their own fears and find their own courage.

Turn fears into funny faces… then eat them! Now look who’s brave! e4bdd0149ac3526e9ef447b65f17a542 d4f5978eb46498081bbe34f3ce0e8f7e 989385634b25b10396b62307957a6038 0907043032c39ce2d474cf7f7b1073fe

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